List of publication that (at least in part) has been made with the instrumentation of the Platform of Microscopy of Milano-Bicocca

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  • Capitani GC, Mugnaioli E, Gentile P (2018) Submicrometer yttrian zircon coating and arborescent aeschynite microcrystals on truncated bipyramidal anatase: An electron microscopy study of miarolitic cavities in the Cuasso al Monte granophyre (Varese, Italy), American Mineralogist, 103(3): 480-488, DOI: 2138/am-2018-6242.
  • Capitani GC, Ventruti G (2018) Ni-serpentine nanoflakes in the garnierite ore from Campello Monti (Strona Valley, Italy): Népouite with some pecoraite outlines and the processing of Ni-containing ore bodies. American Mineralogist, 103(4): 629-644, DOI: 2138/am-2018-6229.
  • Capitani GC (2019): HRTEM investigation of bastnäsite-parisite intergrowths from Mount Malosa (Malawi): ordered sequences, polysomatic faults, polytypic disorder, and a new parisite-(Ce) polymorph. Eur J Mineral, 31(3), 429-442.
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